Hillerød – Brøndby

Hillerød fought well, but had no chance in the end. Brøndby took home the deserved and expected win.

Hillerød – 1

Brøndby – 4


Mikkel Andersen, Mikael Uhre, Kasper Fisker, Besar Halimi, Ante Erceg.

Played at:

Hillerød Stadion.


Brøndby have suffered a lot lately and against Hillerød they needed a comfortable win. Luckily, that was exactly what they got. It started of scary though as Hillerød scored the first goal and went ahead 1-0. That lead lasted to long, but Mikael Uhre saved Brøndby’s first half by scoring a header just seconds before the break. Second half were very different. Brøndby dominated even though Hillerød had a chance or two and Brøndby got the deserved comfortable win against a lower division side. Brøndby really needed this, but what they needed even more was to see a goalkeeper make a few saves and that was what Bellot did today. Schwaebe needs to take his place on the bench and give Bellot some time between the posts. He looks ready and deserves the fucking chance.

Game hero: 

I’m going for Benjamin Bellot. Today Brøndby had a keeper who could actaully save a shot on goal and that was needed more than anything else. Brøndby could easily have went behind with two before the break, but Bellot kept them in the game and we haven’t seen that kind of goalkeeping since Frederik Rønnow last season. Brøndby took a step closer to their last season form, but more work needs to be put in to finally get there.

Game zero:

This is difficult, but I’m going with Brøndby’s captain from the game against Hillerød, Hjortur Hermansson. The man can’t even make a simple pass, so how can he be s starter? I’m thinking that Brøndby’s lack of defensive performers is the reason, but he have not taken his chance. Against Hillerød, he actually had  a ball at his feet and quietly ran in over the side line. How can that guy even be on the wage list at a football club? It’s sad to see, cause I think he has some talent, but it is yet to be seen on the pitch.

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