Barcelona – Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao came to press a wounded animal and they succeeded. Barca are struggling at the moment.

Barcelona – 1

Athletic Bilbao – 1


Oscar de Marcos, Munir El Haddadi.

Played at:

Camp Nou.


What is going on in Catalonia these days and how will it end up? Three games, two points and far away from the potential we know from the previous years. Lionel Messi started on the bench – was that a wise move from Valverde, who must be under pressure? It certainly ended up not being exactly that, as Barca struggled to score from start to finish. Coutinho hit the post though and Messi did the same, but we should not have to make excuses after a game Barca usually win easily. Is Valverde the right man for the job? I’m started to think that he isn’t, but he still has time to convince me other wise. Get to it Valverde, get Barca moving.

Game hero: 

Usually when Barca plays, we have plenty to choose from, but today I simply will NOT chose one. We are allowed to demand more from the best team in the world.

Game zero:

Valverde gets it. The man is starting to look stupid and personally I’m beginning to ask my self whether he is the right man for the job or he needs to be replaced. Then I remember Luis Enrique struggling and ending up winning the treble. You still have time Ernesto, but you need to get it moving if you want to keep “Cules” around the world smiling. Barca should be more than the excuses and you are forcing us to make to many excuses at the moment. You have the players to win, so start winning.

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