Chelsea – Liverpool

Chelsea had Liverpool by their throats, but a stroke of genius from Daniel Sturridge made it a draw.

Chelsea – 1

Liverpool – 1


Eden Hazard, Daniel Sturridge.

Played at:

Stamford Bridge.


What a game we witnessed from “The bridge”. Two of the worlds most exiting teams clashed and it definitely was a game for the spectators. What a player Hazard is and WOW, what a goal Sturridge scored to make it a draw. The result was very fair, but had it not been for Allison in the Liverpool goal and for the missed Liverpool chances, the score would have been 3-3 instead. Liverpool really looks like a team ready to go for the title and Chelsea looks just as strong. Chelsea rely too much on Hazard as I see it, but can he stay fit and hang on to his quality performances, Chelsea will be right up there too.

Game hero:

If we really hang on to the word hero here, then it can only be Daniel Sturridge. Allison could get it too, but Sturridge are our man for this one, because he almost single-handedly got the away point for Liverpool. It has been a long time since I saw a goal like that and it really looks like Daniel Sturridge are getting back to his best form since the Suarez days. Keep it up and keep dancing.

Game zero:

As much as it pains me to say it, it has to be Mo Salah. This game last year would have meant three goals from him, but his lack of confidence caused him to miss two “Salah shots” and the third he actually chose to pass – a pass which ended up going over the line for a goal kick. I love Mo Salah and he still get through to the big chances, but now he needs to convert them once again.

The normal one

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