Brøndby – Horsens

Horsens looked like a team Brøndby would beat, but the second half and stupid decisions ruined Brøndby.

Brøndby – 1

Horsens – 2


Kamil Wilczek, Josip Radosevic, Søren Reese.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


Brøndby stadion started the game by saluting Denmark’s greatest music legend ever, because he had passed away – so fucking beautiful. What came after that, were the same old story from this season. Brøndby played the best football of the season in the first half and went to the break with a one goal lead after Kamil Wilczek scored a header early in the game. Finally we saw the team we knew from last season, but that collapsed in the second half. First an own goal from the Brøndby hero of this game, then a red card for the Brøndby goalkeeper and finally another goal for the visitors making it 1-2 for the visitors, who could travel home with a big smile. I’m starting to worry a bit because of the bad results, but performance wise it’s beginning to take form.

Game hero:

Kamil Wilczek and Josip Radosevic were by far the best players in this game, but only one can be picked so Radosevic gets it. He has not been good for Brøndby, but this game showed his true potential as the future number six. He looks like a player who can help Brøndby take it to the next level, but that needs to been sooner rather than later. He displayed fantastic leader abilities, shooting abilities and tackling abilities yesterday and that is definitely some of the things Brøndby need to improve. He can bring back hope to the west.

Game zero:

Benjamin Bellot. The man got the chance instead of the normal first keeper because of his great game in the cup, but he repaid his chance with one of the craziest red cards I have ever seen. I praised him after the midweek game, but this one takes it as far as stupidity goes. How can these guys be goalkeepers? How can our dear coach see them as goalkeepers in a club who wants to challenge for the league? I have no words left guys. At least no charming words. Somebody slap me.

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Trophies will come


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