The art of team spirit

The art of team spirit

Football have been played for years and years and we have been in awe of so many great teams. Today many teams are so awesome to watch – some because of the biggest football stars, some because of great managers and some because of the team spirit. The last one of those three can make me fucking smile, so that’s what this top five is about. The way football is played today, the greatest teams buy the biggest stars and build around them. Like Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo, PSG and Neymar is another one, Manchester United and Paul Pogba like wise and finally Barca did it successfully with Ronaldinho. Football is about team spirit above all though, cause that is what makes history. Our top five of probably the greatest team spirited teams to ever play the game follows.

Here is our top five in the art of team spirit:

Liverpool FC. 1970s-1980s.
Manchester United. 1990s-2000s.
FC Barcelona. 2008-2012.
Mancester United. 1950s-60s.
AC Milan. 1980s-1990s.

The Liverpool team from the 1970s/1980s is by many regarded as the best team ever. Probably because of Shankley and Paisley who made the Liverpool, Dalglish overtook. That Liverpool team had class and team spirit, so a clear number one to us because of the trophies they won in that period. Second is the Manchester United made by Alex Ferguson. He needed few years to make it happen and once it did – he kept the team going with team spirit. What a manager. Most of us remember number three. Guardiola took over Barca’s first team in 2008 and the season after he won everything. Had he stayed and kept the team going, this team would have been closer to the top. Because of Guardiola’s short time as Barca coach, they are third. Busby’s Manchester United comes in at fourth. Charlton, Law and Best will forever be a part of history.

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