Legends of the 90s

Legends of the 90s

Peter Schmeichel – GK
Roberto Carlos – LB
Paolo Maldini – CB
Matthias Sammer – CB
Cafu – RB
Patrick Viera – CM
Zinedine Zidane – AM
Michael Laudrup – CM
Dennis Bergkamp – CF
Ronaldo – CF
Roberto Baggio – CF

Peter Schmeichel, Goalkeeper:

This crazy guy is probably the best goalkeeper to ever play the game – at least he comes in at top three. The great dane played a big amount of his career in Denmark at Brøndby IF, but Alex Ferguson spotted him and bought him for a very small amount. Till this day, he is considered as one of the greatest bargains ever. Peter Schmeichel won the European championships with Denmark in 1992 and with Manchester United he won several league titles, cup titles and who can forget the Champions league final against Bayern Munich, where he were heavily involved in one of Manchester United’s goals. The greatest goalkeeper legend of the 90s – Peter Schmeichel.

Roberto Carlos, Left back:

Does this little bald weasel need any introduction? Arguably the greatest left back to ever play the game, with one of the craziest left feet we have ever seen. Thirteen trophies with Real Madrid, one World cup, one Confederation cup and two Copa America’s with Brazil. He also won plenty of trophies with Palmeiras back in Brazil, before he came to Europe. There can be no doubt about the fact that he must be regarded as one of the best, if not THE best left back to ever play the game. This man is one of the true greats and what a crazy legend of the 90s.

Paolo Maldini, Centre back:

Has there even been a greater defender? Technical abilities like a number ten, tackling abilities like a tank defender and the mind of a football genius. Above all that, are his ability to stay loyal to AC Milan throughout his career. He is a legend of his city and he is a legend of his country. Thirteen national and twelve international trophies with his beloved AC Milan, for which he made over one thousand appearances. Paolo Maldini retired back in 2009 at the age of 41. His beloved number three retired with him and he will always be remembered as one of the greatest of them all.

Matthias Sammer, Centre back:

What a defender! If we forget about Beckenbauer for one minute, this awesome ginger must be one of the best defenders Germany have ever produced. He actually won the Ballon d’or back in 1996. Sammer won the Bundesliga three times, Champions league once and he won the European championship with Germany back in 1996, where he also won player of the tournament. His career stopped way to early because of a knee injury, but I think he deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest defenders ever. This Dortmund legend had a rough fight with Fernando Hierro for the spot, but the German made the cut at the end.

Cafu, Right back:

This guy was probably the one who made the modern right backs what they are today. He ran up and down the right side with high speed and technical ability. Just like Dani Alves, Joshua Kimmich, Dani Carvajal etc, does it today. Cafu won so many trophies for clubs like Sao Paolo, Real Zaragoza, Palmeiras, Roma and AC Milan, but what is more important – he won two World cups and two Copa America with his country, Brazil. This dude should be remembered as the greatest right back in modern football and he should be remembered as one of the great legends of the 90s.

Zinedine Zidane, Centre midfield:

One of few who needs no introduction. Zidane had his greatest years in Real Madrid from 2001-2006, but he was a legend way before that. Cannes, Bordeaux and Juventus had the pleasure of his skills in the 90s and WOW, was he fucking skilled. He was a dribbler, a fighter and a finisher. He really is a legend like very few out there. Zidane won countless trophies for Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid, but the most beautiful ones are the World cup and the European cup he won with France. Back in 1998 he also took home the Ballon d’or. Love to one of the top legends of the 90s.

Michael Laudrup, Attacking midfield:

The great names are many, when speaking about the role of attacking or centre midfielder. Cruyff, Platini, Iniesta, Silva, Totti, Zidane, Xavi etc. To many, these names are nothing compared to Michael Laudrup. The idol of iniesta and Xavi, the apprentice of Cruyff and a true gentleman of the beautiful game. nine trophies with Barca, one with Real Madrid, two with Juventus and two with Ajax. He was never crowned with the Ballon d’or and to many people, including Guardiola, it’s very strange. Raul called him the greatest he ever played with, Stoichkov called him the greatest and Mourinho called him phenomenal. Love to the greatest attacking midfielder to ever play the game. Denmark’s biggest legend deserves all the praise he can get. Love to a true gentleman.

Patrick Viera, Centre midfield:

This was the hardest position to pick at player for. The two other midfielders were no brainers, but Viera had to fight Redondo, Matthäus, Keane etc. Viera got it because he was a part of the Arsenal invincibles. Viera joined Arsenal back in 1996 where he quickly became the star they had searched for. He helped the club to nine trophies before he traveled back to Italy. He won trophies with Inter and Juventus also, but the World cup and the European cup are the ones which shines the most in the cabinet. Viera are still and will always be one of the greatest of all times.

Dennis Bergkamp, Center forward:

Like Viera, this guy had his greatest time of his career at Arsenal, but he was the same type of player both at Ajax and at his time with Inter. Like many others Dennis Bergkamp is a product of the work Ajax put into their youth department and already from an early age they knew he would be a massive player. He won ten trophies with Arsenal and like Viera he were a part of the Arsenal invincibles. He never got the individual trophies to match his talents and his abilities, but we will make sure he get the goalscoring role he deserves, in this team of legends. Love to one of Hollands finest ever players.

Ronaldo, Centre forward:

O’fenomeno were his nickname and everyone who have seen him play will understand why. His technical abilities were from out of this world and when you match that with speed, finishing and passing abilities, you get the worlds greatest striker. The worlds greatest is exactly what he was. Only Lionel Messi have ever been better and if Ronaldo were a bit more serious about his talents, he would have been the greatest ever. He won the Ballon d’or twice, plus he won a ton of other individual trophies. I don’t have the strength to count the trophies he won at club level, but two World cups and Copa America’s make him one of Brazil’s finest. Ladies and gentleman, the greatest striker legend ever, Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima.

Roberto Baggio, Centre forward:

The thing I remember best about Baggio is his hairstyle. But close to five hundred league games in Italy gives him the legend status. In 1993 he took home the Ballon d’or exactly like he deserved. He won trophies with Juventus and AC Milan, but he is a legend in every part of Italy as a great gentleman. He almost took Italy to World cup glory in 1994, but sadly he was the one who missed the decisive penalty in the final. That miss brought tears to the eyes of Italy including the eyes of Roberto Baggio, but his status remain and will forever be. Big smiles for one of Italy’s greatest legends of the 90s

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