Napoli – Liverpool

Ancelotti read Liverpool like an open book. He is a fucking genius, but his Anfield visit will be different.

Napoli – 0

Liverpool – 1


Lorenzo Insigne.

Played at:

Stadio San Paolo.


This game was by far the ugliest game from Liverpool in a long time. They were simply outplayed by a Napoli team on fire. Carlo Ancelotti managed to keep Liverpool from a single goal chance – he really is a smart fox. He played with three in the back and that seemed to throw Liverpool’s front three totally of their game. It looked like Jürgen Klopp got the tactics wrong though, or did Liverpool simply make it to difficult to adapt to the injury of Naby Keita? Liverpool did not look like the team who should have slapped Chelsea silly a couple of days ago, but knowing the reds, they will strike back against Manchester city.

Game hero:

Normally I’m looking for a Liverpool hero, but today there were none. I’m going for Lorenzo Insigne, who really made life difficult for Liverpool. He could have scored one more. He looks like a real threat for every opponent and this little dude looks to turn his game up a nudge this season. Maybe Klopp should invest in him. I’m a big fan and he can help take Napoli to a higher level with Ancelotti in charge.

Game zero:

This is a no brainer. Trent Alexander-Arnold will have to take this one. Jürgen Klopp was definitely on my mind to and had Trent not played so fucking bad, Klopp would have had to take it. Trent is excused because of his age as I see it though. Maybe he should be replaced with Clyne for the Manchester City game? Or maybe not, but it would be totally okay if Klopp decided to pull him out of the spotlight for a moment.

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