Player of September

Barcelona player of September

Barcelona’s September results:

3 wins
2 draws
1 defeat

Barcelona have not had the greatest month of September. The last three games of September ended up earning Barca two points and that was against Girona, Leganes and Athletic Bilbao. Some players have performed and some players have not, some have sucked and some have shined, but who are Barcelona’s player of September? We are picking one out of three here guys and here they come.

Lionel Messi
Ousmane Dembele
Philipe Coutinho

These three guys have been the greatest Barca players of September. The month have not been that good, but these three have been bright lights in the dark. I’m sure that Barca will start winning again soon and these guys will definitely do their part. Lionel Messi need no words, but we will give him some anyway. He stays with Barca to lift the team and lift them he does, he is simply the GOAT. Dembele are starting to do his thing and he will most certainly become a great asset for Barca in the future. He will be great in time. The transfer of Philipe Coutinho were the talk of the year 2018, when he arrived from Liverpool. People questioned his abilities, but those people have been proven wrong in my mind. Who have been Barca player of the month?

Lionel Messi!

Barcelona has their own little shining diamond and he just keep fucking shining. Lionel Messi are by far the greatest of all time and he proves it over and over again. He had his periods, where he shined a little less, but even then he shines more than most. Let’s take pleasure in watching this little magician, because he is getting older and at some point he will be nothing but an awesome memory.

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Barcelona – PSV

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