Tottenham – Barcelona

Tottenham were without key players and it showed. Barca were too much for them. Lionel Messi – WOW.

Tottenham – 2

Barcelona – 4


Philipe Coutinho, Ivan Rakitic, Harry Kane, Lionel Messi, Erik Lamela, Lionel Messi.

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Barca have not had the best games recently, but against Tottenham they shined their ass of. Specially the GOAT showed why he should be crowned as the best every fucking year. He scored two goals, had two shots on the post and generally just played his ass of. The rest of the team were good to. Coutinho showed him self as a real Barca player, Busquets were good and Arthur looked like the new Xavi in this game. Rakitic and Suarez had some difficulties with their passing game a couple of times, but in general it was nice to see Barca perform once again. Ter Stegen is worth a mention to – he is surprisingly good with his feet. It looks like he can hit a beer can from a mile away. Keep it up please.

Game hero:

Lionel Messi, who else. This man should be defined as game hero forever an ever. This little magician is everything football should be – MAGIC. He really is the GOAT and should be recognized as just that by everyone. Against Tottenham we saw the best of him. Goals, shots on the post, dribbling, passing and smiling. He looked like the Messi we have known and loved for so many years. Keep in up Lio. The world loves you.

Game zero:

Hugo Lloris. There were not many zero’s on the pitch in this game, but the mistake Lloris made led to Barca’s first goal and there were no stopping them after that. Lloris is definitely a world-class keeper, but against Barca his weaknesses were displayed by one of the greatest teams in the world. We could have picked a Barca defender too, because once again they couldn’t get a clean sheet, but Lloris got it for this one.

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