Player of September

Brøndby player of September

Brøndby’s September games:

1 win
1 draw
3 defeats

Brøndby are really having a difficult time at the moment. Three consecutive defeats in the league and generally just extremely sad to look at. The defense looks worse than shaky and the goalkeepers looks like sunday league players. They need to step up to let the fans know they want some silverware. Who are Brøndby’s player of September? We are picking one out of three here guys and here they come.

Kamil Wilczek
Dominik Kaiser
Lasse Vigen

These three are the only ones who can look themselves in the mirror and not feel stupid because of their performances. Kamil Wilczek are the league top scorer and he does everything he can every week to win. He just keep finding the net, so come on defense – step up! Dominik Kaiser have had a difficult time after he arrived from Germany, but I honestly think that he have what it takes to succeed. You can tell that he has the ability, but is suffering because of poor team form. Lasse Vigen is another player who has done okay. He is suffering because of the loss of Christian Nørgaard, who had his back from the number six position, but he performs fairly when he plays – he just don’t play as much as he should. Out of these three and the rest of the team can only be one though!

Kamil Wilczek!

In Europe, when we speak of finding the net, he lies above players like Gareth Bale, Neymar, Mohamad Salah and Harry Kane. Kamil plays in one of the lower leagues, but the potential of the attacker from Brøndby are big and he will grow with the team as the end of the season moves closer. Kamil are really becoming a fan favorite in Brøndby – let’s hope he can keep it up.

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