Hell or heaven CR seven

Cristiano Ronaldo

The earth will still quake,
The bakers still bake,
But Cristiano is being accused of rape,

He probably had chicks,
Like magnets on his dick,
Is she just mad she didn’t get picked?

To me it sounds strange,
That a man getting paid,
Like him would make that mistake,

If he did then a big man should have him,
Penetrate him continuously smack him,
While he cheers loud for Messi,
Of his back eats spaghetti,
Let him eat you and later you snack him,

But if this girl is just after his money,
If ruining lives to her is so funny,
Then I know Vinnie Jones is coming,
Hoe when he does I advice you start running.

Check out lin below:

Skinny Paul P

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