Pray only to Messi(ah)

Lionel Messi

God had a little homie,
His name was Lionel,
God said to the devil blow me,
You’re not taking him to hell,

God gave him great ability,
He named him after Messiah,
He gave him wings and humility,
So he could fly a little higher,

Than everyone around him,
Who started calling him GOAT,
Love and smiles surrounded him,
As he made sinking ships float,

A treasure to football now he is,
Let’s enjoy him while we can,
Is this little guy really human,
Did God make this one a man,

Or did he make another savior,
To make football even greater,
The GOAT, the great, the best forever,
Footballs fucking alligator.

Check out link below:

Legends of the 90s

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