The art of sneaky transfers

The art of sneaky transfers

The transfer window is one of the most exiting periods of the football season for many football fans. People are following their clubs and keep wondering which players will be bought and which players will be sold. Football have become a sport where loyalty is easily bought for big money, which is why no club can ever be confident of hanging on to a key player. But what is a sneaky transfer? The sale of Neymar to PSG? The sale of Tevez to China? Hulk to China? Maybe even the Bale sale to Real Madrid? Or is it a manager finding an unpolished diamond and making him one of the greatest? I’m going for the unpolished diamonds and I’m sticking to the present for this one.

Here is our top five in the art of sneaky transfers:

Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United.
Ngolo Kante to Leicester City.
Philippe Coutinho to Liverpool FC.
Riyad Mahrez to Leicester City.
Mauro Icardi to Inter Milan.

Probably one of the hardest top five I will ever make, but also kind of funny. I’m not talking cheap deals, but talents not many had seen coming. Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability speaks for it self. Alex Ferguson got him quickly after a friendly game and oh my God what a deal! Kante and Mahrez – how many had heard of those two before the season of Leicester? Let’s be honest – there would have been no Premier league trophy without those two. My personal favorite is the Coutinho transfer. Most of you who have played Football manager, knew the lad, but why nobody could get the best out of him is to me a fucking riddle. Then came Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool. They got a great deal with Inter Milan and the rest is history. The Icardi transfer comes from the shadows. Others could have been chosen, but what he has become at Inter – Wow.

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