Liverpool – Manchester City

Manchester City arrived to defend. Has Guardiola ever done that before? Klopp really has the upper hand.

Liverpool – 0

Manchester City – 0


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Before this Match we looked towards the Matchs from last year to determine the fact that this Match would give us a lot of goals. That certainly didn’t happen. For the first time in Guardiola’s career, he tried to defend without the ball. What a compliment to give the city of Liverpool. Liverpool are having a hard time in front of goal though. The front three is not working at the moment and I think it’s time to start Daniel Sturridge. I understand the fact that “Bobby” Firmino is a better defending forward, but I think Liverpool needs to start scoring again. Liverpool really looks like a team with the power to go for the title this year though. Compared to last year the start have been amazing and I can see them taking it all the way, but let’s see. We have been wishing to much in the past.

Match hero:

Dejan Lovren. Klopp took his time with Dejan and oh my God did Dejan step up against Manchester City. He looked like a world-class defender and now I want him to start every Match. How long has it been since Liverpool have had that kind of luxury problems in the defensive line? This team is growing and I think Liverpool should feel lucky for having Jürgen Klopp. He is close to being the greatest manager in the world.

Match zero:

I feel that Mane or Salah should get this one. They didn’t suck, but opponents a very aware of those two. Maybe Liverpool needs to play two up front. Sturridge and Firmino perhaps? But still defend i the same formation. Back on track – Mane gets “Match zero” this time. Not because he sucked, just because Liverpool are suffering in front of goal and he is not scoring.

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