Valencia – Barcelona

Valencia are very good at the defending part of the game and it showed. Barca played, Valencia didn’t.

Valencia – 1

Barcelona – 1


Ezequiel Garay, Lionel Messi.

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Barca are not the Barca we know, in La liga at the moment. Against Valencia, Barca had moments which reminded me of the special Guardiola days, but at the moment they have nothing to show for it. The season is still young though, but Barca need to step up and show the critics that La lige still matters. What is most disturbing to me, is the long time Barca favorite, Gerard Pique. He seem to have forgotten how to play the beautiful game and Barca needs to make a decision. He can not keep starting if the doesn’t step up. Pique is not the only one though. Luis Suarez does not seem to be the striker Valverde needs to complete the team. Suarez is not good when playing a very low defensive line and he, just like Pique, need to step up and show some fucking quality.

Game hero:

Lionel Messi, who else. This man should be defined as game hero forever an ever. This little magician is everything football should be – MAGIC. He really is the GOAT and should be recognized as just that by everyone. Against Valencia we didn’t see the best of him though, but he still out shined the rest of the pitch. He looks to be the one every Barca player looks for when searching for at teammate and he carries the team on his shoulders still. Barca need others to step up, but we love you Lio.

Game zero:

Gerard Pique – no doubt. He definitely doesn’t look like the man we usually respect as a world-class defender. He makes mistakes and he looks very shaky every time the opponents are coming on the counter attacks. I want him on the bench for the next games so he know that he is not irreplaceable. If I was allowed to choose two, Luis Suarez would have joined him. Luisito is excused because he never had technical abilities for the real Barca game.

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Pray only to Messi(ah)

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