AaB – Brøndby

Aab probably hoped that Brøndby would have arrived scared. They didn’t and Brøndby are winning again.

AaB – 1

Brøndby – 3


Kamil Wilczek, Hany Mukhtar, Lasse Vigen, Kasper Risgård.

Played at:

Aalborg Portland Park.


Brøndby finally got the win they have been searching for, for way to long. They actually played a good Match against Aab. Both defense and goalkeeper, as we have disrespected a lot lately, played fairly well too. Aab got a penalty and scored, but the penalty were very thin. The referee once again made the wrong decision if you ask me. The keeper went for a long ball, mistimed his run and pulled back. To me it definitely looked like a no touch, as the opponent jumped and screamed like a soldier being hit by a hand grenade. No hand grenade was involved though. Fuck it – Aab got their goal, but Brøndby still whipped them and it was great to see a team willing to work their ass of for the win. It was not pretty all the way through, but this was a team of grown men showing of for the traveling fans. I love it.

Match hero:

For the first time since I can’t remember, I had a difficult time actually picking a hero. There were so many, but the hero is once again, Kamil Wilczek. He got a goal in the last second of the first half and he got an assist for the third goal. Kamil is now seventh on the list of top scorers worldwide. He just passed Luis Suarez and this lovely dude is on fire, please keep it up Kamil. Brøndby really need your goals at the moment.

Match zero:

Marvin Schwaebe gets in once again. This time I really wanted to give it to someone else though. He made a few saves and he is starting to position himself very well, but the mistake he made at the so-called penalty, looked a little stupid. I still don’t think it was a penalty, but he should have stayed on his line – he should have trusted his defenders. Marvin looks like a keeper who can grow with the team though, so I will support him from now on. Come on Marvin.

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