Zlatan is Zlatan

Hi my name is Zlatan mr. Ibra cadibra,
I kick hard with power of horses and zebras,
I see tears of joy on all misses and misters,
Faces when I just strip down to my knickers,

Nose like the Eiffel tower when im on my back,
Just like Chuck Norris I have steel in my sack,
Yup big bag of concrete just above my crack,
Right above that there’s a bat girls can smack,

Kick me in the nuts and it will hurt your feet,
Superman and God have nothing on me,
I make ladies wet just by touching their cheek,
Bears, tigers and lions to me are so weak,

I am my own man some even call me King,
Some call me God even with my toe ring,
When winter comes I just clap then it’s spring,
Im forever the one mr King dingeling,

Just believe me or ill be banging your wifey,
Just cause Im Zlatan raw power Im mighty,
I make demons scared they run for their lifey,
I always catch up then their diaper I whipey.

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Hell or heaven CR seven

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