The art of fighting spirit

The art of fighting spirit

All of us football fans have different versions of what we believe to be the greatest part of the Match. Generally we all just love football, but we all have something specific, something that can trigger our emotions that little bit extra. For me it’s moments like the “El Clasico” where Barca won 5-0, maybe in Istanbul where Liverpool beat AC Milan in the Champions league final after one of the craziest comebacks we have ever seen, also Liverpool beating Dortmund at Anfield after another crazy comeback and last but not least every time Brøndby beat FC Copenhagen in the “New Firm”. What does these Matchs have in common? My answer to that question is – fighting spirit! That is why I decided to make a top five, of players with fighting spirit. Here it comes.

Heres is our top five in the art of fighting spirit:

Steven Gerrard.
Roy Keane.
Thomas Gravesen.
Paul Gascoigne.
Gennaro Gattuso.

Steven Gerrard:

Steven Gerrard is one of the few who could carry his whole team on his shoulders, when they were struggeling in a Match. He was the essence of Liverpool and his fighting spirit will help Liverpool far into the future. Gerrard will always be “Captain fantastic” and he will forever be in every Liverpool heart.

Roy Keane:

Roy Keane was a little more screwed up than Steven Gerrard but they had a similar role. Both captains, both warriors and both with red in their hearts. Two different kinds of red though. Difference? Keane had a better team behind him. Definitely a man who was crazy enough to give the likes of Schmeichel a smack if he deserved it.

Thomas Gravesen:

In Denmark Thomas Gravesen is a legend, in Everton Thomas Gravesen is a legend, but Real Madrid and Celtic did not get the best of his abilities. What all his clubs got, was commitment though. A fighter, a warrior and a joker in every way. I still remember the look in his eyes, when he was about to murder Robinho.

Paul Gascoigne:

Probably one of the greatest legends ever and a man so in love with football and his country that he would have broken many legs for both. Today Paul Gascoigne is not what he used to be. The man who was once a warrior is definitely not anymore, but the memories will live forever.

Gennaro Gattuso:

The closest Italy will ever come to their brutal defender Claudio Gentile. Gennaro Gattuso are just a bit more crazy. This man is everything Italy needed in the years he was active player. A warrior, a fighter and a man who would break necks and skulls for his club and country. Let’s see if he can make AC Milan great again.

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