Giggs’ family secret

Ryan Giggs

Hi my name is Ryan Giggs,
And I’m so fucking horny,
My brother’s wife were unhappy,
So I fucked her for him,

And because I am a star,
I think I did him a favor,
At night she knocked at my door,
She asked me what’s your flavor,

I smacked her ass and then I yelled.
Am I my brothers keeper,
I got her naked then she screamed,
Baby pound me deeper,

Then she went back to my brother,
With spunk between her teeth,
Sweaty like a motherfucker,
Shit how could she breathe,

Should I have kept it in my pants.
Yes but I don’t care,
My brother should just be happy,
I gave his bitch some flair.

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Skinny Paul P


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