When we were mates

John Terry

I will not be John Terry’s neighbor,
9 months pass my girl will be in labor,
Cause he can’t get enough,
He humps and he fucks,
Strange women, friends wifes no favours,

Will be done for no one and it’s cool,
But Wayne Bridge must feel like a fool,
It must have been rough,
He tried to stay tough,
While his wife deep-throated John’s tool,

Imagine him tasting John’s cock in her breath,
Kissing Wayne after giving John awesome head,
Wayne wanted sex she fell a sleep instead,
So Wayne masturbated all alone in their bed,

He never thought once she was banging his mate,
Even though what he did the most was masturbate,
Maybe a porn movie Wayne can create,
With him and John’s mother as stars on the tape,

What would John say would he pray would he pay,
Wayne to stop shagging his mom would he cry,
Would John look away would he join them to play,
Would he start banging while closing his eyes.

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