Mourinho’s letter to Woodward

Dear Mr. Woodward.

I have decided to write this letter based on what I see every day on the training ground.
This letter is needed badly, as I’m getting angry about all the text messages I receive from Alex Ferguson, saying he wants to smack me.

My players suck so bad I want to slap someone. Something needs to be done if “the special one” shall stay.

Paul Pogba is not worth one penny, he is too skinny and I hate his nasty ugly hair, Romelu Lukaku seem to be more interested in keeping Pogba happy – are they lovers?
Last but not least, Alexis Sanchez is a spoiled chinese looking, punk ass excuse of a man.

We really have a problem here. We have spent way to much money on players with no fighting spirit. They seem to be more interested in social media, than performing on the pitch. Can we do anything to get some players in with a spine?

We have a bunch of good footballers who wants to make Manchester United great again, but it will not happen if we can’t get rid of these fuckheads! Get Roy Keane back here. Maybe we can put Bobby Charlton back on the pitch? Shit, let’s dig up George Best and put him on for the next match.

I know that the problem is the players – I’m still awesome. The world knows that I can’t make any mistakes. I’m “the special one”, you remember that right?
I’m the right hand of God, I’m the portuguese Godfather and I’m the greatest manager the world has ever seen. It’s time you acknowledge that!

To finish this of with an ultimatum everyone can understand.

Dear Mr. Woodward.

Shoot me or fire me!

Best regards from the living legend.

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho – the ladies first choice.

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