Zlatan’s letter to Queen Silvia

Dear Queen Silvia.

I have decided to write you this letter, because I think Sweden needs to crown her real royal leader. For too long have I witnessed your incompetence – so I really think it’s time you pass the torch and I know just which way it should be passed.

Zlatan is the King of the world, so Zlatan might as well be crowned as the King of Sweden for eternity!

For many years I have conquered Holland, Italy, Spain, France, England and USA as a grown up. I already conquered Sweden when I was a teenager, so now it is time to admit what was always unavoidable. Zlatan is the real King of Sweden.

We have a problem though. You, Queen Silvia need to take your cheap furniture, your ugly husband and your crooked legs far away from the castle I intend to call home when I have celebrated christmas with my family in USA.

It is Gods will that I will be the future King of the beautiful country of Sweden – I will accept no less than full control, as I am the true king of the ring. Of course I will love and take care of Sweden as if she was my child.

So Dear Queen Silvia.

The first of January 2019 I will be moving in and I will be slapping you if you are not moved out. Zlatan has spoken!

Best regards from the King of the ring.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Gods choice.

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