Legends of the 00s

Legends of the 00s

Gianluca Buffon – GK
Carles Puyol – LB
Alessandro Nesta – CB
Fabio Cannavaro – CB
Phillipp Lahm – RB
Xavi Hernandez – CM
Steven Gerrard – CM
Andrea Pirlo – CM
Kaka – AM
Ronaldinho – CF
Thierry Henry – CF

Gianluca Buffon, Goalkeeper:

This legendary goalkeeper is still playing, almost at his best. Still active in the Champions league and still active in the french Ligue 1 at PSG. Not a fan of the french Ligue 1, but that can’t take anything away from this complete winner. Eleven Serie A titles and one FIFA World cup with his beloved Italy. This man is one of the few living legends in the world of sports. He deserve every praise he gets. Personally I wish he wouldn’t have joined PSG, but the money were probably to big to turn down. The only thing there is left for this brilliant man to win, is the Champions league and the European cup. Who would have thought that it would still be possible at the age of forty? I wish Buffon all the luck he can get – let’s celebrate one of the true great legends of the 00s.

Carles Puyol, Left back:

This probably looks strange to most as Puyol mostly played in the middle and some times on the right. I think his attitude is needed on the pitch though and I couldn’t take Nesta or Cannavaro of the team. Puyol need no words. He is a true Catalan, a true Culé and a true fucking warrior. Six La ligas, two Coppa del Reys, five Supercoppa de Espanas, two Super cups, two Club world cups and three Champions leagues with Barca. We can add a World cup and a European cup with Spain, which determines his importance as a captain, as a fighter and as a fucking hero to Spain and to Catalonia. Personally I will remember him as a fighter, a brawler, a tackler and a true legend of the game we all enjoy. Love to the greatest hair style ever, in world football.

Alessandro Nesta, Centre back:

What a defender. Along with players like Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi and Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Nesta is probably one of the best defenders Italy and AC Milan have ever seen. He is a real man of Italian football – he simply never left his country before joining Montreal in Canada to get the last out of his remaining talent. Lazio and AC Milan got to enjoy his abilities for just about twenty years and in that period he won six-teen trophies. He got one in Montreal too. At the national team he played seventy-eight matches and in 2006 he joined his country as they won the World cup. Alessandro Nesta will forever be remembered as one of the greatest defenders of all time and of course this team needed his abilities.

Fabio Cannavaro, Centre back:

Wow. What a player. In the 00s he played for Inter, Juventus and Real Madrid before rejoining Juventus in 2009. In 2006 he was one of the main forces behind Italy’s World cup win and his performances that year in general, ended up giving him the Ballon d’or. Despite his obvious greatness he only won six trophies at club level as a player. His individual trophies speaks for them selves though. This man is a role model for every little dude out there who wants to be a world-class defender and his performances should make even the greatest defenders today smile. What a player, what a captain and what a fighter. Love to one of the greatest legends og the 00s.

Philipp Lahm, Right back:

Together with Cafu, Philip Lahm is probably the best right back we have ever seen. He also played as a left back, defensive midfielder and center midfielder – specially under Guardiola in Bayern. He played his whole career in his childhood club and he is one of the few who never let money buy his loyalty. Twenty-one trophies ended up in the Bayern trophy cabinet with Lahm on the team and the biggest part of those were won with Phillipp Lahm as a captain. In 2014 he won the World cup with Germany. Philipp Lahm will forever be remembered as one of Bayern’s greatest sons and he deserve all the praise coming his way. Love to one of the greatest legends of the 00s.

Xavi Hernandez, Centre midfield:

One of those players who just made the game a little more beautiful. His passing, his technique, his mind and his view of the game was incredible. He is definitely one of those midfielders who deserved the Ballon d’or. Xavi is a child of Barca as he played for the Catalan giants from he touched a ball for the first time, until he decided to travel to Qatar and Al Sadd in 2015. Twenty five trophies he won with Barca and with Spain he won the World cup once and the European Championships twice. Had it not been for his little buddy Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi probably would have won Ballon d’or once or twice – sadly that didn’t happen. Xavi surely is one of the greatest midfielders ever and he should be recognized as just that. Love to a true gentleman.

Andrea Pirlo, Centre midfield:

Sixteen trophies with AC Milan and Juventus, One World cup and countless of individual recognitions makes this little conductor one of the greatest midfielders to ever play the game. His passing, his free kicks, his eye and his arrogance makes him the perfect player to partner up with Xavi. Some may remember how Pirlo used to assist Kaka in their AC Milan days. No one else could have been picked for this one. The nickname “L’ architetto” is certainly the best nickname for a player who, in his prime, orchestrated AC Milan, Juventus and Italy. This man is right up there with the greatest legends. The coolest player to ever put on the boots deserves the highest praise. Love to a true great.

Steven Gerrard, Attacking midfield-right:

Steven motherfucking Gerrard. As a Liverpool maniac, there could be no other – and on a neutral note – there could be no other. Even with a medium team Liverpool won some trophies. Not a lot, but they won some and mostly because of their legendary captain. Steven Gerrard were, like a couple of other players on this team, a man who placed loyalty above money and trophies. That makes him a legend on Dalglish level on the red side of Liverpool. “Captain Fantastic” gave Liverpool seventeen years of his life and in that period he helped the club to win nine trophies. Every one of them sent Liverpool fans towards the stars, but that Champions league trophy from 2005 have a special place for everyone. Love to a great legend.

Kaka, Attacking midfield:

The last human to win the Ballon d’or was this phenomenal Brazilian legend. Mostly known for his time in AC Milan, where he definitely made a great name for himself. He won five trophies with AC Milan in a city where he forever will be known as one of the true servants of the red side of the city. On national level he won a World cup and two Confederations cups with his beloved country. Kaka went to Real Madrid back in 2009, but never became the success most people thought he would be. Like many others Kaka traveled abroad to make the last portion of money. Also to get the last out of his talents on the pitch. This true Brazilian legend will forever be remembered as a true gentleman.

Ronaldinho, Attacking midfield-left:

From 2003-2008, this great legend became one of the biggest stars the sport of football has ever seen. The things he could do with a ball – WOW. He was a true magician and one of the few who could make every opponent in the world look stupid. Ronaldinho came, saw and conquered Barcelona in general. Ronaldinho won five trophies with Barca, but what was even more important, was the hearts he won a long the way. He always smiled and made people happy with his way of playing and that is what Barca is all about. Ronaldinho also won the World cup once, Coppa America once and Confederations cup once with his country. Ronaldinho, with Barca, got applauded of the pitch in Madrid against Real Madrid and that shows just how awesome he was. Love to the greatest magician of the game.

Thierry Henry, Striker:

It is always difficult to pick a striker for a team like this. The status of Thierry Henry actually made this one pretty easy though. Thierry Henry had played many different positions before Arsene Wenger brought him to Arsenal and decided to use him as a front man – what a fucking great decision. Four-teen trophies with Arsenal and Barca made him one of the greatest strikers the world has ever seen. His agility, his dribbling and his finishing made him what he is today – a true fucking legend of this beautiful game. A World cup win, a European championship win also made this dude an invincible for his country – just as he is for Arsenal. Thierry Henry will forever be a true great legend of football.

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