Huddersfield – Liverpool

Huddersfield are fighting for their lives and it shows. Liverpool took home the three points though.

Huddersfield – 0

Liverpool – 1


Mohamed Salah.

Played at:

John Smith’s Stadium.


Liverpool already won this match before they arrived. Huddersfield are really struggling. They showed that they are ready to fight to stay in the Premier League though. They played against a team who wins every week even though they seem to be lacking flow in their game. I think it will be to difficult for them to stay up. I can’t see many teams being worse than “The Terriers”. Liverpool are usually the team we want to watch to be entertained – they are not at the moment, but that is okay. Liverpool are defending like they have never done before and if they can keep adding to their game, they will end the season on a high and THAT can make them champions once again.

Game hero:

Mohamed Salah gets “Game hero” for his Huddersfield performance. He has had a difficult time lately, as many predicted before the season started. Against Huddersfield he did what he did all of last season though – he scored. In general Mo Salah played a decent game, but we all wish to see more from his left foot as the season grows older. This little dude is potentially one of the greatest in the league and Liverpool need him to score if they want the big trophies.

Game zero:

Daniel Sturridge. We see again and again why he rarely starts a game for Liverpool. He has been awesome lately, but his qualities only seem to shine when he comes of the bench in the moment. But that is very okay. I love Daniel Sturridge, but his Huddersfield performance will not get a place in the history books. He will be needed as the season grows older though.

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