Balls’ Bets. Liverpool – Red Star

Balls’ Bets, Wednesday 24th October 2018

Result: 4-0, Liverpool win.

Liverpool are playing one of the worst teams in this years Champions league. If we take that fact and add the latest Balls’ bets to it, we get the only match we want to invest in to once again be winning. Liverpool are a team defined by their attacking power, even though that power haven’t been great lately. I firmly believe that Liverpool home at Anfield against what seems to be a joke, will be a match where they once again prove, that their attacking can be compared to few teams in the world. Liverpool are getting stable and this match should be and will be a walk in the park for the red guys from Merseyside.

Balls’ Bets 1: v

Liverpool will win by 2 or more.

This is what I’m sticking to. Liverpool need to prove to the public that they can still produce goal chances. They have been solid in the back, but now goals are needed once again. Liverpool are playing a side who have not seen greatness since 1991. This is a team who looks to be many levels below the other teams in this group. Liverpool should be able to win comfortably and that is what this bet is about.

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