Brøndby – OB

OB came to defend a draw. A bad referee decision and bad luck were the only reasons Brøndby didn’t win.

Brøndby – 1

OB – 1


Hany Mukhtar, Ramon Leeuwin.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


Brøndby were back in winning ways after their last game against Aab and hopes were high against OB, when they visited on monday. Brøndby played okay and should have been in front at the break. Bad luck were the reason that didn’t happen. Brøndby came out flying for the second half and had plenty of chances to deserve at least a one goal lead. Brøndby actually scored, but the referee called an offside – a nonexisting offside sadly. The referee’s need to step up. That decision cost the game for the home team. Brøndby got the lead about ten minutes before the final whistle, but once again a corner led to the goal that stole two points from Brøndby. A sad ending to an okay game. I believe that Brøndby are on the right track though. Im a believer.

Game hero:

To me Marvin Schwaebe, Lasse Vigen and Joel Kabongo were the best players on the pitch in this game. I want to give it to all of them, but only one can get it so Joel Kabongo are “Game hero” today. He keep on showing that he is the one to go for on the left side of the central defense. He is big, quick, rough and he just looks cool when everything works for him. This guy is probably the next big transfer, when Brøndby once again decides to sell. So nice to see a dude born and raised on the west side of Copenhgen ruling the defense like Daniel Agger did it back in the day.

Game zero:

Im not sure we saw a zero today, but I have to give it to someone. Hany Mukhtar gets it. He scored the goal and he had an okay game though, but the problem to me is, that we expect him to deliver above everyone else and he just didn’t do that against OB. Of course it is up to the team as a whole to deliver, but Mukhtar is the star player and I believe that we are allowed to expect star quality.

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