The art of finishing

The art of finishing

When it come to finishing, there has been a lot of great ones if we look back on the last decades, but who has been the best? Who has been the ones who stood out amongst footballers who saw them selves as equals? Many of you would probably be quick to choose some of the big ones from todays game. That is not what this is about. This is only about finishing – about finishing a play by putting the ball in the opponent’s goal. Imagine a player being able to putt a first timer in the corner, but also being able to score from set pieces and having a great heading game. This is not about all around ability, this only about finishing and we wanted to find five players who have done that better than anyone. Here is our top five in the art of finishing.

Here is out top five in the art of finishing:

Gabriel Batistuta
Steven Gerrard
David Villa
Roberto Carlos

Shit this was hard. A lot of great players could have been on this list, but when five is the limit we just have to trim it. It was to easy to just pick the obvious ones, so I pushed my self to think out of the box for this one. Adriano is our number one. When he was in his prime, I don’t believe that anyone could kick a ball with such power and quality as he could. Gabriel Batistuta was my personal favorite. I remember him as a true goalscorer and a true finisher with head and feet in Fiorentina and Roma. Steven Gerrard is one of my favorite football players of all time. The finishing ability of that man have won many games for his beloved Liverpool. David Villa is, to me, one of the most underestimated players of all time. Left foot or right foot – he didn’t give a shit. He just scored. Roberto Carlos gets the las place in this top five, because of his abilities with his crazy left foot. He kicked that ball with the power of ten horses.

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