Barcelona – Inter

Inter came to Catalonia to get a result against Barca without Messi. Inter came and suffered instead.

Barcelona – 2

Inter – 0


Rafinha, Jordi Alba.

Played at:

Camp Nou.


Barca did what the fans could only hope – they bitch slapped Inter without Lionel Messi, who suffered an arm injury last week. They played a perfect game and deserves all the praise they can get for this one. Rafinha, who have never been a regular starter, played a great game and I really hope we will see more of him in the starting lineup in the upcoming games. Inter never really got it going and they will be unhappy with their performance in general. Barca played like we love to see them play and Luis Suarez in particular, played probably his best game of the season. Barca looks like winners once again.

Game hero: 

Luis Suarez gets this one and personally I have been waiting for him to perform like the “Luisito” we know. We really got to see his qualities against Inter. Was it because of the fact that Messi was out? Who knows, but the Suarez we saw against Inter was definitely the man, we as football fans, want to see. Let’s see if he can keep it up. Go “Luisito”

Game zero:

I didn’t see any zeroes for Barca today. Today I will pic one who didn’t get to play any minutes. Ousmane Dembele. He seems to be out in the cold again. Is he just not fit for Barca? Is he to young? Does he simply not have the mentality? Who knows – hope to see the best of him soon though.

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