Liverpool – Red Star

Red Star started out well, but there were never any doubt about the outcome of this game. Easy win.

Liverpool – 4

Red Star – 0


Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Mohamad Salah, Sadio Mane.

Played at:



Before the game started, the whole of football Europe must have known how it would turn out. Red Star showed some muscle in the beginning of the game, but Liverpool quietly began to take over. When the Liverpool engine finally were turned on, it looked very easy for the Reds from Merseyside. Liverpool looks like a real threat this season and every team in Europe must be looking towards the Reds and shaking. Liverpool are now number one in one of the toughest groups in the Champions league and they can decide for themselves if they want to go through. Just keep winning.

Game hero:

Fabinho gets it. He started a little shaky, but oh my God dit he grow throughout the game. He will be a definite success at Liverpool – once again Mr. Klopp found a perfect match. Fabinho looked to play the number six, but it was easy to see that he has his own way of playing that position. This guy can end up being one of the real powers towards the goal this season, which is – winning trophies.

Game zero:

For the first time in the history of Balls’, no “Game zero” will be appointed today.

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