Ramos’ letter to Perez

Dear Mr. Perez

Have you brought Lopetegui in to fuck it all up for our club? Normally I would choose my words carefully when speaking to you, but you are an idiot and right now I just want to smack you. I’m thinking about coming to your office and slapping you silly.

I love Real Madrid and I know you do too, but get this idiot Lopetegui da fugg away from me, now!

You sell Cristiano Ronaldo and you buy Thibaut Courtois – what da fugg are you doing? Normally I respect your choices, but these choices make you look like a school boy in this business. Maybe you are getting to old for this shit! Is there a reason for this madness? Are you dealing with some personal shit? You used to be a respected man.

Efter the defeat against Levante the whole team got together to talk about the situation we are in. What I witnessed in that moment was nothing less than crazy. Karim Benzema actually took a huge shit on Lopetegui’s chair and personally I decided to piss in his shoes. We really have a serious problem.

We found one player who actually respects him though – wait no that’s not true. He is respected by none, he is liked by none and he is being slapped by everyone. I think Asensio is banging his wife. You need to make sure that he is out the same way you fired Benitez. If you don’t I will pay someone to get him out-of-the-way.

I know many people who would help me for a picture and an autograph, so do your job before I take him out. Real Madrid need to be more than the joke of football Europe. Retire your self or retire Lopetegui. Every player in the squad demands it Mr. “boyscout” Perez.

Dear Mr. Perez.

Please do the fans and Lopetegui that favor.

Best regards from a product of hell.

Sergio Ramos – The choice of Satan.

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