Barcelona – Real Madrid

Real Madrid came to Catalonia, knowing they would suffer, but no one could have predicted this result.

Barcelona – 5

Real Madrid – 1


Philipe Coutinho, Luis Suarez, Luis, Suarez, Luis Suarez, Arturo Vidal.

Played at:

Camp Nou.


One word – WOW. No, two words – motherfucking WOW. Barcelona welcomed their biggest rivals with a 5-1 smack. Everyone knows that Real Madrid are suffering, but what happened on sunday, was crazy. Every Barca fan in the world can once again hold up the five fingers to show that they scored five goals against their biggest ever rivals. That is what happens when you sell the greatest goalscorer in the world and buy a goalkeeper. Real Madrid are now 9th in the league and every Madridista must feel disappointed about the way the board ended up handling the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Game hero: 

Luis Suarez gets this one and personally I have been waiting for him to perform like this. We really got to see his qualities against Real Madrid. Was it because of the fact that Messi was out? Who knows, but the Suarez we saw against Real Madrid was definitely the man, we as football fans, want to see. Can he keep it up? A hat trick against Real Madrid is definitely the way to make the fans smile.

Game zero:

I didn’t see many zeroes on the pitch against Real Madrid. The only one who comes close is Rafinha. He didn’t have his best game and what I remember most from him was the moment he decided to dribble through the middle from the defensive line. Pique was furious with him. Rafinha is “Game zero”.

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