Liverpool – Cardiff

Cardiff came to Anfield to fight. They just didn’t have the strength and ability to survive the home of Liverpool.

Liverpool – 4

Cardiff – 1


Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané, Xherdan Shaqiri, Sadio Mané.

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Liverpool were expected to win this game easily. I think they did. They had a difficult time breaking through the Cardiff defense, but there were never any doubt about where the three points would go. Liverpool were knocked a little off course when Cardiff made it 2-1, but a hot Xherdan Shaqiri came on and finished the visitors with the 3-1 goal, before Sadio Mané made it 4-1 few minutes before the final whistle. Liverpool looks like a Premier League winning team, but are Manchester City to strong for the reds to win it? If Manchester City had any other manager than Pep Guardiola, I would define Liverpool as favorites, but Manchester City are potentially to strong – lets see.

Game hero:

No doubt in my mind that Sadio Mané deserves this one today. Mohamed Salah was also great, but Sadio Mané gave Liverpool that extremely important 2-0 goal and the defensive effort he puts in the game is so underrated. Sadio is one of the most important players on the Liverpool team because of his efforts in general. He runs back, he runs forward, he fights, he dribbles and he scores. A true Liverpool great!

Game zero:

I’m not sure I want to give it to anyone and least of all Bobby Firmino, but he will get it today. He really had a bad match. Probably his worst one yet, but that doesn’t make us love Bobby less. He is a fighter and I’m sure that he will be back at his best against Arsenal. He is so important for Liverpool’s game in general, but against Cardiff Liverpool could have used Sturridge instead.

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