FC Midtjylland – Brøndby

FC Midtjylland are a team of class. We simply have to admit that. Brøndby did okay, but it wasn’t enough.

FC Midtjylland – 3

Brøndby – 2


Uffe Bech, Marc Dal Hende, Johan Larsson, Awer Mabil, Marc Dal Hende.

Played at:

MCH Arena


FC Midtjylland are definitely one of the two best teams in Denmark again this year. They look so fucking sharp. I hate that we have to admit it, but they can very well, once again, be the big winners when the season is over. Brøndby on the other hand will have to accept that it will be impossible to fight for the league this year. There is a definite possibility to come in third, but for that to happen, Brøndby needs to step up defensively. I still believe that Brøndby are on their way. It wasn’t all bad yesterday, but Brøndby are at least twenty procent from being where they were last year. Like I have said many times before, it was to be expected, after saying goodbye to three of the biggest profiles in the league. Brøndby are fighting to get back on track and next weekend it is time for “The new firm”.

Game hero:

I saw a team full of fighters, but only one can take this and Brøndby’s own Joel Kabongo is the one. He is by far the biggest defensive talent in Brøndby and maybe the biggest talent in the league. He is definitely the next one to bring Brøndby some cool cash if he keeps performing like he does at the moment. Kabongo has overtaken Röckers place in the center defense and he should now be the number one.

Game zero:

Anthony Jung have to get this one. He is entirely to blame for the loss after his mistake at the 3-2 goal. How a defender can suck so bad at defending a cross is beyond me. Jung is one of the first picks, when coach sets his starting lineup and i understand why, but shit this fella needs to start defending those crosses. We have lost to many points because of sunday league level football. Step da fugg up!

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