Player of October

Brøndby player of October

Brøndby’s October games:

1 win
1 draw
1 defeat

Brøndby are still struggling. They are on the right path, but the team from last season is nowhere to be found at the moment. It’s still a different team than last season, so time is needed and time will be given as long as we see results. The new players are starting to adapt and Brøndby will be winning again soon – we are looking forward to it. Who are Brøndby’s player of October? We are picking one out of three here guys and here they come.

Kamil Wilczek
Joel Kabongo
Marvin Schwäebe

These three guys have been outstanding in the month of October. The only three who can look themselves in the mirror and be really happy. Kamil Wilczek is just a monster goal scorer still, even if he is taking a break from scoring at the moment he is still helping the team with his great pressing game. Joel Kabongo is a real Brøndby jewel. He is young, he is left footed, he can tackle he can pass and he can use his head. The greatest defensive Brøndby talent since Daniel Agger. Marvin Schwäebe has been the target of many of my nasty words, but this man is finally given samples of some of his abilites in-goal. He has been good with his feet from the start, but now he is starting to save shots from the opponent. Who is the one we can call the player of October?

Marvin Schwäebe!

I believe that Marvin Schwäebe deserves this one. I have been bitchin’ about him since he arrived, but now he is starting to show something. If the guys in front of him could score and defend, he would probably have saved points for Brøndby. Marvin we are now believers in your ability so we will stand behind you in the yellow and blue colours. Player of October is yours.

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