Leonesa – Barcelona

Leonesa played their chance and they deserved more. That’s football – Barca through to next round.

Leonesa – 0

Barcelona – 1


Clement Lenglet.

Played at:

Estadio Reino de Leon.


I feel bad for Leonesa. They actually deserved the win against Barcelona. They stood up for themselves as men, but at the end the right team won. I love the fact that Valverde chose to start with a portion of young players. Miranda, Chumi, Cuenca, Samper and Malcolm. Plus we saw some of the other youngsters coming of the bench. This is the Barca we want to see! They didn’t perform yesterday as a team, but we saw moments from Malcolm, Alena and Miranda, who can have a future at Camp Nou. Is Barca as we used to know then coming back? I hope so and Valverde are pushing for at place in our hearts.

Game hero: 

I didn’t see a hero in general, but I think we can expect brilliance from Malcolm in the future. He really looks fucking exiting. His technical abilities can be exceptional, if he choose to focus 100 % on his football. Barca have the talent to once again put some focus on the youngsters and Malcolm proves that the potential is more than okay. I believe we can expect a lot from him. Malcolm is “Game hero”

Game zero:

Nelson Semedo were not good. Mostly it looked like he left his brain at home in this match. He is so talented, but he needs to improve to be the obvious choice as far as taking over after Dani Alves. I believe he has it in him, but he needs to get better. Nelson Semedo, you are “Game zero”

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