Player of October

Barcelona player of October

Barcelona’s October results:

4 wins
1 draw
0 defeat

Barcelona are finally getting back to their best. A lot of players are shining once again and fewer mistakes are made. Barca have had a great month of October with many wins and a lot of goals. Barca is once again all about magic and the rest of the teams in Europe will have their hands full when crossing paths with the Catalans. Who have been number one of October? We are picking one out of three here guys and here they come.

Lionel Messi
Jordi Alba

It has been very difficult for me to choose only three from October, but these three ended up being top three. Luis Suarez could have been up there to if we look at the latest games he played, but his performances from early October keeps him out for now. Lionel Messi needs absolutely no words. He has been brilliant and I was really looking forward to seeing him shine against Real Madrid, but the team managed without him. Arthur just makes me smile. He plays like the perfect mix of Xavi and Iniesta – this dude just looks to be born to play for Barca and I really hope he can keep up the good work. Jordi Alba has always been one of the greatest left back, but he is starting to make assisting look even easier and the work he does up and down the left side is so awesome. Who have been Barca player of the month?


Many would probably have picked one of the other two, but this guy has been taking my breath away. He seems to be the perfect match for Barca and who ever scouted him deserves a medal and a fucking raise. Make the dude a fucking billionaire! I’m guessing that Arthur will be the one who makes every fan of Barca forget about Xavi and Iniesta. At least for now. The two legends will forever be in our hearts.

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