Legends of the 10s


Legends of the 10s

Manuel Neuer – GK
Marcelo – LB
Sergio Ramos – CB
Gerard Pique – CB
Dani Alves – RB
Luka Modric – CM
Frank Lampard – CM
Andres Iniesta – AM
Lionel Messi – RW
Sergio Aguero – CF
Cristiano Ronaldo – LW

Manuel Neuer, Goalkeeper:

When speaking of goalkeepers from todays game and for the past eight-nine years, Manuel Neuer must be the one and only. His winnings for Bayern and Germany speaks loudly for his huge talent between the German posts. Six league trophies and one Champions league trophy with Bayern, but the one shining through is the World cup he won with his country, Germany in 2014. He came to Bayern from Schalke where he also won a few trophies. This man is up there with the greatest keepers of all time and he still have time to become even greater. Love to the greatest goalkeeper of the 10s.

Marcelo, Left back:

Honestly this is the easiest pick in the history of our legends teams. Marcelo just keep winning and his stats for Real Madrid speaks for it self. He is a true Madridista and he is loved around the world for his great attitude. Marcelo came to Real Madrid in 2007, but did not have the greatest start. He had the Roberto Carlos hanging over him. As time went by, he started to shine and now he is regarded as one of the best left backs to ever play the game. So far he has won four La liga’s, four Champions league’s and two Copa del Rey’s with Real Madrid and one Confederations cup with Brazil. He still have time to impress people even further.

Sergio Ramos, Centre back:

An animal on the pitch, but probably one og the greatest defenders to ever play the game. Tackling ability, technical ability and fighting spirit like few. Not my personal favorite, but he has to be here. He has won points, tournaments and hearts with his attitude and he must be one of the greatest defenders to ever play the beautiful game. He is hated by many, he is loved by many, but what is definite is his quality. Four La liga wins and four Champions league’s with Real Madrid and three major trophies with his country – one World cup and two European cups. All of this made him obvious for this team. Love to a warrior.

Gerard Pique, Centre back:

Mr. President is his nickname in Barca. There can be no doubt about his ability as a defender. A great passer, a great tackler and a great captain. The greatest defence Spain has ever had is now the defence of this team. This dude was born and raised in Barcelona and he is one of the truest “Culés” out there. His technical abilities, his passing and his flair is unbelievable. That plus his passion, makes him one of the greatest ever. Seven league trophies, three Champions leagues, six Copa del Rey’s, one World cup and one European cup makes him the perfect match for Sergio Ramos.

Dani Alves, Right back:

The only man to take over for Cafu in Brazil. A true winner and a true great. Barcelona are still struggling to find his replacement on the pitch and in the dressing room. This crazy dude had this place from the first second. Five trophies for Sevilla before joining Barcelona who made this guy the greatest right back to ever play the game. Six La liga trophies, three Champions league trophies and four Copa del Rey’s at Barca, plus one Coppa America and two Confedereations cups with Brazil. This happy and crazy dude will forever be a maniac on the position of Right back. We love you Dani.

Luka Modric, Centre midfield:

This little dude has taken Madrid by storm. He had a difficult time when he started, but slowly Real Madrid made him the greatest midfielder in the world. The only man to reach the level of Xavi and Iniesta. A funny note about Luka Modric – he was once offered to my club back home, Brøndby IF, when Luka was a young boy. They said no – idiots. Modric was really spottet by the big clubs after his brilliance at tottenham, but it was Real Madrid who made him great. Luka Modric has just won FIFA’s the best and it is fairly deserved because of his winnings and performances this year. Love to a true gentleman.

Frank Lampard, Centre midfield:

Steven Gerrard got the spot on the team from the 00s, Frank Lampard get the spot on this one. The two just can’t be separated when speaking of quality, so welcome Mr. Lampard. You truly are a living legend. Frank Lampard is best known for his time in Chelsea where he really established himself as a superstar. Thirteen trophies is what he ended up winning with Chelsea. He also won countless individual trophies, but he will forever be missing a trophy with his country of England. Frank Lampard will forever be a true legend and gentleman of the game. Love to one of England’s finest.

Andres Iniesta, Attacking midfield:

This man really doesn’t need any introduction. The man who looks like the shadow of Michael Laudrup has abilities like very few, when it comes to dribbling, passing and general view of the game. Thirty trophies with Barca, and three with his country of Spain. All of these includes four Champions League’s, nine La liga’s, one World cup and two European championship’s. “Don Andres” is one of the most respected players in the world, because of his abilities and his humility. What a man, what a legend and what a player. Why he never won the Ballon d’Or is beyond me. Love to one og the greatest of all time.

Lionel Messi, Right wing:

The greatest of all time, it’s that simple. The GOAT letters can only be used to describe this little wonderful midget. His speed, his technique, his flair, his attitude and his presence is simply from out of this world. Thirty-three trophies with Barca – WOW. What is really crazy though, is his individual awards. Five times Ballon d’Or winner, five times European golden shoe winner, six times La liga’s best player and the list goes on and on. The world will never see a player like Lionel Messi again, so everybody should watch this guy and smile. The greatest of all time is simply this little magician. Lio – we love you.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Center forward:

Zlatan has literally conquered all of Europe. He is possibly the greatest number nine, the world has ever seen. He can dribble, he can shoot, he can pass, he can use his head and above all, he knows how to putt all those things together and make a close to perfect product. Four Ajax trophies, five Inter trophies, five Barca trophies, two AC Milan trophies, twelve PSG trophies and three Manchester United trophies. What da fugg is this man made of? He truly is a legend and a man who uses arrogance as a way to make people smile. Please never change Zlatan – you truly are one of the true greats.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Left wing:

The one and only CR7. This mans power, speed, technique and willpower looks to be from a fucking terminator movie. The most powerful player to ever play the game. A true machine. Nine trophies with Manchester United, fifteen trophies with Real Madrid and one European championship with Portugal. This man is a born leader on the pitch for club and country and a true role model on the pitch also. Ronaldo is one of those footballers who really take the role as a superstar with a smile and had it not been for Messi, Cristiano would be regarded as the best by everyone. He must be grateful for number the role as number two though.

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