Arsenal – Liverpool

Arsenal are looking awesome, but Liverpool look fucking solid. The referee decided the draw for Liverpool though.

Arsenal – 1

Liverpool – 1


James Milner, Alexandre Lacazette.

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I think most people suspected a great game, but no one in this world could have predicted a game like this. These two top class teams were simply outstanding and a this game can very well get a place in the history books as a game who made the neutral football fan dance. I can’t remember the last time I witnessed excitement like this. Liverpool were robbed of a goal by the referee, but just to witness this game were son fucking awesome. Arsenal looks to be back on track and Liverpool really look like a team everyone should take seriously this year. I still think that Manchester City are the clear favorites for the league, but Liverpool are right up there with Chelsea to press the light blue from Manchester. Go get some silverware Liverpool!

Game hero:

There can be only one! James Milner. He is probably the greatest warrior in the Premier League. The man is almost 33 years old, but he plays like he is in his mid twenties. This man is a machine and he deserves to be remembered by every fan out there who just loves football for the emotions. James Milner scored the goal against Arsenal and the new captain fantastic deserves all the praise he can get.

Game zero:

I have to give this one to Trent-Alexander Arnold. He is one of the greatest talents, but he is missing some coolness in the right moments. He had a couple of moments where he lost the ball, dropped it over the line and simply were not focused enough. That is okay – he is young, but he has to step up to keep his place in the starting lineup. We still love you Trent.

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