Brøndby – FCK

FCK came to win and win they did. Brøndby played fairly well, but it wasn’t enough. Step up Brøndby.

Brøndby – 0

FCK – 1


Jonas Wind.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


I feel that I’m making excuses after every Brøndby loss, but today no excuses will be made. This game was by far the ugliest derby we have seen in a long time. Brøndby had a few chances and some opportunities for one on ones against the FCK goalkeeper, but Brøndby needs quality up front. Brøndby have one super star forward, but he needs assistance. The big name in the Brøndby lineup is Hany Mukhtar, but he looks like a fucking schoolboy at the moment. He misses easy passes, he can’t shoot, he can’t dribble – he just seem to have lost his touch. I really need to see something from Brøndby on friday to keep up the smiles. We are still on the way, but now we need to speed da fugg up. Come on Brøndby!

Game hero:

The defensive game in yesterdays derby was good. Except for the left back who you will hear about in “Game zero”. Therefor a defender will be “Game hero”. Brøndby’s warrior from last season had a rare start yesterday and he performed! Benedikt Röcker, please keep it up. We need you in that back line. Röcker is “Game hero”, but Arajuuri, could have got it also. Praise for yeserdays defense.

Game zero:

Fucking Anthony Jung, chose to leave the greatest player on the pitch unmarked in the last minute of the game – on a fucking throw in! Can somebody please tell me why he keeps slipping up! Jung is one of the players who needs to step up to keep his place in the starting lineup. Anthony Jung is “Game zero” – he alone is to blame for the FCK goal in the first minute of overtime.

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