Rayo Vallecano – Barcelona

Rayo definitely played to win and they would have, had it not been for Luis Suarez and his goal rage.

Rayo Vallecano – 2

Barcelona – 3


Luis Suarez, Jose Angel Pozo, Alvaro Garcia Rivera, Ousmane Dembele, Luis Suarez.

Played at:

Estadio del Rayo Vallecano.


You can’t help but feel bad for Rayo Vallecano. They played well and until the 88th minute they looked to have beaten the Champions. It didn’t happen though. Why? Because Barca now have the Luis Suarez they need to score goals, when Messi is out of the game. Luis Suarez looks to have found his scoring ways and that will be very important for Barca’s quest for trophies. When he is at his best, he is one of the best at what he does. He is a lion finisher and he is starting to show that once again. What will happen when Messi returns though? Will Suarez still shine or will he crawl back under the goalscoring radar? Fir Barca and for Luis Suarez, I hope he can continue, so he can help Barca reach their goals for this season.

Game hero: 

I think Luis Suarez was a real hero in this game. He gave Barca the lead and at the end he gave Barca the victory in this beautiful match. He is getting back to his best and if he can keep it going when Messi returns – R.I.P to the defenses all around Spain and Europe. He is a lion once again and only Luis Suarez can be “Game hero” for this one. Let’s all hope he can continue.

Game zero:

Gerard Pique gets it again. at the second goal he just looked stupid. He simply delivers the ball to the Rayo player, who sets up the 2-1 goal. What has happened to the guy who once was regarded as one of the greatest defenders in the world.

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