Balls’ Bets. Lyon – Hoffenheim & Manchester City – Sjakhtar

Balls’ Bets, Wednesday 6th November 2018

Result: 2-2, Lyon – Hoffenheim draw.

Result: 6-0, Manchester City win.

These two matches are not necessarily the type of matches I would choose to putt money on, but this time I will. We are at a time in the Champions league were losses can mean that you’re out and wins can mean that you’re in. Hoffenheim will have to win against Lyon and Manchester City can put Sjakhtar out of business. Hoffenheim are one of the big surprises in European football and they really are a breath of fresh air, but do they have the quality? They can help themselves by winning, but Lyon can come close to next round with a big win. Can Manchester City once and for all knock Sjakhtar out and putt themselves in a great position to go through? In general we are looking towards a crazy round of the Champions league and we are looking forward to every minute of it.

Balls’ Bets 1: v

Lyon – Hoffenheim. More than 2,5 goals.

After three rounds, there has been scored just over four goals, in average, per match in Lyon’s matches and exactly the same goes for Hoffenheim. How can this game not be a match of many goals? Hoffenheim have nothing to lose in this one and Lyon can almost certainly go through with a big win. This match is destined for goals as they both have Manchester City in the last rounds. This is the match to collect points.

Balls’ Bets 2: v

Manchester City – Sjakhtar. Manchester City win.

These Citizens are just a fucking force. As a Liverpool fan I can’t help but hope that because they are topping in the moment, they will have a down fall later in the season. It just doesn’t look like it right now – sadly. I think Manchester will win this one easily, so they can start resting players for the coming matches. Manchester City are the big favorites for all tournaments this year. Hope they will be fucked up by some of the big teams.

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