Liverpool quiz

Liverpool HISTORY quiz PT1.

Do you have what it takes?

It’s history time for all of you red men out there. I have been struggeling with this Liverpool quiz for quite some time, but now it is finally ready. We have teams out there with history that isn’t even worth a mention, but Liverpool are definitely not one of those. Liverpool is a club with a bigger and prouder history than most of the teams around the world. I have been wanting to celebrate that for a long time and while getting deep in the history lesson of Liverpool Football Club, I am proud to say that I’m more red than ever. Liverpool is a club of great tradition and it looks like Jürgen Klopp is taking Liverpool back to the great old days, where trophies was like eating dinner. It was something the red part of the city of Liverpool was used to.

How great am I in Liverpool FC knowledge?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have and now I know – I’m fucking awesome. Are you awesome too? Take this quiz and try to make 10/10. When you’re done with that you can try to take the Liverpool HISTORY quiz and shine.

How awesome are you?

Liverpool HISTORY quiz PT1.

Liverpool HISTORY quiz PT1.

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