Inter – Barcelona

Inter did not play well against Barcelona. They have to perform better to beat Tottenham and PSV.

Inter – 1

Barcelona – 1


Malcolm, Mauro Icardi.

Played at:

Giuseppe Meazza.


Barcelona came to Italy to win and they should have won comfortably. Inter did not look like a Champions league team, but are still number two in the group. Barcelona are almost certainly through to the next round and they can rest some players in the upcoming matches in the Champions league. Barca looks strong. Their main goal this season is to win the big eared trophy and if they continue on the same path as now, they will be one of the favorites to the end. Inter is another story – they look strong in the league, but against Barca, at home, they should have lost. It was two teams from different league, both in terms of power and geographic. I will be looking forward to seeing Barca kick ass further in the tournament.

Game hero: 

I think Luis Suarez was the biggest hero yesterday as far as his commitment, work rate and power, but Malcolm gets it for me. I feel so fucking sorry for him, that he didn’t get to be the one securing the win. I really hope he will get more minutes on the pitch for Barca. Love to a great kid, with a future in the game.

Game zero:

Ousmane Dembele gets it. He didn’t perform badly, but he does not look like a Barca player at the moment. He looks nervous, when he is passing and he looks nervous in general, when playing from the start. He needs to step up to get the most out of that big fucking talent. Crazy how good he is with both feet though.

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