Red Star – Liverpool

Red Star shocked the whole world of football when they beat Liverpool. Liverpool sucked though.

Red Star – 2

Liverpool – 0


Milan Pavkov, Milan Pavkov.

Played at:

Stadion Rajko Mitic.


I can honestly say, that in the years of Jürgen Klopp, have I never seen a worse half than the first half we witnessed against Red Star. The Liverpool we know were nowhere to be found and they have to learn from this shock defeat if they want to go further in the Champions league. Luckily the other match in the group ended in a draw, so Liverpool can still decide for themselves if they want to win the group. It will be difficult though. Liverpool have by far the toughest matches left, but Liverpool can win both if they turn up the heat. PSG does not in any way look frightening, so that can be a match just for Liverpool, but Napoli and Ancelotti scares me a little. Ancelotti really is a genius of the game, but let’s hope that Anfield will take it home for Liverpool.

Game hero:

It’s difficult to find a hero here. Every one on the pitch made to many mistakes and in general, this team were not the team we have been lucky to witness the last years or so. A hero has to be named though and that hero will be Mohamed Salah. He looked dangerous a couple of times yesterday and had luck been on his side, Liverpool would have won the game.

Game zero:

The two biggest zeroes against Red Star were substituted at the break. Daniel Sturridge and young man Trent. Daniel Sturridge gets it for me though. He literally sucked his ass of. He should have scored one and after that he just made one wrong decision after another. He deserved his substitution and he needs to step up his game to get more time on the pitch.

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