Balls’ Bets. Liverpool – Fulham

Balls’ Bets, Sunday 11th November 2018

Result: 2-0, Liverpool win.

Last time we saw Liverpool play a game, we were shocked. How could they lose against Red Star in the Champions league. How could that happen? Liverpool simply left their minds at home. They will walk on the pitch of Anfield on sunday to prove, that this Liverpool team is from the very fucking top shelve. They will want to bitch slap the non believers and send Fulham home crying. Fulham are in every way the saddest team in the league. Sunday league defending and upcoming stars who doesn’t necessarily wants to be there are the main reasons it just aren’t happening for them. If Fulham doesn’t get these things sorted, they are one of the big favorites to go back down. I’m pretty sure that none of those big names will want to be om Fulham og that happens.

Balls’ Bets 1: x

Over 2,5 goals.

The first bet is obvious because Fulham’s sad defense is going up against Liverpool’s goalscoring potential. “Liverpool has not been scoring like they used to though”. That is definitely a fact, but this match can very well be one of those we used to love from Liverpool. Maybe it can even be the match to get Liverpool going again, as far as goalscoring. Liverpool will want to delete the Red Star match, from people’s minds. That fact made me want to make this bet. Liverpool will score and they can very well score three or four in this one.

Balls’ Bets 2: v

Liverpool will win.

How can I make bet number one and not take this too? Liverpool should be able to win with more than one goal, but because of their travels I’m sticking to a simple win. However they win, I don’t care. I just see Liverpool blasting Fulham like they were just smacked hard by their mother for not finishing the dinner plate. The reds need to show the world that they can still score plenty and a win in this match should be easy for them. We will probably see explosions from Liverpool!

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