Brøndby – AGF

AGF came to man up after a bunch of matches without winning. They lost to a far better team though.

Brøndby – 2

AGF – 0


Domenik Kaiser, Kamil Wilczek.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


For the last three games, Brøndby have played fairly well and they have deserved more than the one point they have gotten out of those matches. This match was the one to prove that Brøndby are getting back to were they want to be – and they proved it. To be fair, AGF had a few chances and they probably should have had a penalty, but Brøndby were by far the better team. Brøndby dominated the entire match,apart from ten maybe fifteen minutes and on a sunny day, Brøndby would have scored one or two more goals. Apart from the great result, we finally saw great things from some of the newly arrived midfielders like Dominik Kaiser and Josip Radosevic. Brighter days are a head and we love it!

Game hero:

This match had more than one hero and Dominik Kaiser deserves it just for the goal he scored. Josip Radosevic gets it though. This dude is a defending machine! He is probably not even on 100 % yet, as far as getting the Brøndby way under his skin. I believe this guy can be a real fucking Brøndby champion when the yellow/blue colours are fully integrated in him. He is a tackler, a runner and a shooter. He takes corners, he takes free kicks and he is simply born to play the number six in a diamond midfield. I’m looking forward to his future in Brøndby.

Game zero:

One player stood out as the weak link and once again it was Anthony Jung. He was very lucky to not cause a penalty against Brøndby, plus his defending, at times, look like he is playing sunday league football. He mismatches headers and long balls in general and yesterday he was the cause of some nasty words from my lips. Mr. Jung really needs to step up and if doesn’t, somebody will need to slap him in the right direction.

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