Barcelona – Real Betis

Real Betis came to Camp Nou to shock a shaky Barca defense and they did. What da fugg happened?

Barcelona – 3

Real Betis – 4


Junior Firpo, Joaquin Sanchez, Lionel Messi, Giovani Lo Celso, Arturo vidal, Sergio Canales, Arturo Vidal.

Played at:

Camp Nou.


I’m not sure what to think about this result. How can a defense be so bad in a team who want’s to win the Champions league this year? I just hope they wont have to go up against Manchester City. Barca will certainly get their ass kicked! Is Valverde the one to blame? I can’t remember the Barca defense being so shaky before. Maybe a bit under Tata Martino, but this Match against Real Betis were exceptionally bad. I have always liked Valverde, but I must admit that I’m beginning to want him out. How awesome would it be to see Guardiola back in Barca!? I remember reading not so long ago that he wants to come back to Barca at some point – why not now? Probably just a huge christmas wish, but it would be great.

Match hero: 

Messi has to get this one, but I don’t feel good about giving this to any of the players today. Artur Vidal was another one, who did good, but collectively, the team simply failed. Messi kept Barca in the Match and he really is the GOAT, but Valverde needs to get the team around him in gear. Barca actually performed more as a unit, when Messi was injured – I don’t like that fact. As I said above, maybe Valverde needs to resign.

Match zero:

I’m a firm believer in the fact that Barca have one of the three best keepers in the world, but when four goals gets past you at home, you have to be one of the big zeroes of the Match. The third goal in particular was clearly Ter Stegens mistake that led to the big Real Betis moment. I love Ter Stegen, but this Match were far from his best in the Barca jersey.

Check out link below:

Cristiano’s letter to Messi.

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