Liverpool – Fulham

Anfield win!

Fulham came to Anfield to defend, but Liverpool were simply to clinical.

Liverpool – 2
Fulham – 0


Mohamed Salah, Xherdan Shaqiri.

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I, like most football fans out there, expected Liverpool to win easy and they did. Liverpool still look like a team who can win without really putting many miles in the players legs. It got a little shaky in the beginning of the Match, when Fulham had a goal disallowed, but the second after we saw the Liverpool we all loved to watch last season. I would still love to see more goals, but a great defending Liverpool are awesome too. Liverpool looks to be the team who can press the Citizens this year, but can they take it all the way? I’m really not sure. Manchester City looks really strong and they are certainly the favorites, but everything can happen in this Match of football. Go for it Liverpool. Don’t let “the oilers” take it again.

Match hero:

Shaqiri gets it this time. I think he does a lot of good things when he is placed in the center. He has the technical abilities to do things on his own and he has he abilities to set up his teammates. He could have scored one more against Fulham, but the one goal he scored was enough. The dude looks to be a real gain for Liverpool and a real threat for the opponents. Xherdan Shaqiri ladies and gentleman.

Match Zero:

I’m never happy to give this to anyone, but it has to be done. Young Trent gets it again. Compared to Andy Robertson on the other side, Trent looks shaky at the moment. Undisturbed he dribbles over the line, he misses passes and he looks to be a little affected by it. He is still a great world-class talent and he will once again get better though. He just needs to get through it. Give Clyne a few starts.

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