Financial Fair Play

Manchester Saint Germain

Once upon a time in Manchester,
We were not even close to be seen,
Manchester U, Wigan and Bolton,
We were somewhere deep in between,

The city has always been red,
While blue were crying in bed,
Then the Arabs came with money from oil,
They had an idea in their heads,

Why don’t we fuck up a sport,
And laugh while we fuck up the world,
Of football as we all know and love,
Your sons looks like little girls,

Then we can travel to Paris,
And fuck it all up a bit more,
Destroy the sport we love and cherish,
Some live for and choose do adore,

You’re all a bunch of spoiled motherfuckers,
Corruption is only for the saddest suckers,
Just spend your money on kebab and hookers,
You are nasty deep down to your core,

Stop playing God he would smack you,
You’re worthy of nothing drop dead,
Balls’ just says what everyone is thinking,
Like Cobain grab a riffle – BOOM – no head!

Check out link below:

Manchester City’s letter to UEFA

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