Hmmm… Maybe.

How do we feel about it?

Never in my life have I been a big fan of the friendly Matchs in general, but the friendly Matchs we keep on witnessing in the international breaks specifically makes me want to slap someone. I have never been able to see the point of those Matchs and as it turns out – neither have the players. I’m honestly amazed that so many players can fake an injury at the same time. Someone must have been thinking how they could change that perspective and how to change it quickly, because suddenly the Nations league arrived. And now we have to take a new tournament into consideration – how do we feel about the Nations league?

I’m not really sure, but when the choice is between friendly Matches and Nations league, my choice will always be the Nations league. The problem is that we miss club football so much when it’s not the World cup or the European Championships we are watching on the telly. I think Nations league is charming and I think that we will love it, when it gets under our skin. The big Matchs are still awesome when it comes to international football and there will be a lot of those. I think we will learn to love it and I’m going to stay positive as long gas I possibly can.

How about you guys? Any fans of the Nations league out there?

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Big TEN Barcelona quiz


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